About Nadya Hill, the gal behind Gemini Botanics

Hello All, and Welcome to Gemini Botanics!

I am so grateful that you've decided to stop by the store today!

A little about myself:  I'm a Colorado native and professional musician by trade. I've been featured as a vocal and violin soloist around the world and with various orchestras across the United States, and am BIG into integrating ecological education into musical education-- my husband and I even founded a chamber music camp for kids that pairs hiking and outside learning with musical learning!

In addition to being a musician, I am a big time Earth Mamma.  I've been making my own self-care items for years in order to bypass unethical trade practices as well as nasty preservatives.  I 100% believe that integrity and happy & healthy living go hand-in-hand!

2020 has been a super rough year for musicians, and the vast majority of us are now unemployed with no idea when we might be able to get back to work in our own deeply-loved industry. There is a silver lining here for me, though, in that the time I've spent off the stage has allowed me to open this store and share some of my art, jewelry, and cosmetics with all of YOU!

Everything at Gemini Botanics has been handmade by me with love, care, and quality, sustainable, ecologically-sound ingredients! 

Happy shopping with love from me to you!